Our commitment to you is to always offer the finest organic, and sustainably sourced matcha green tea. Every. Time.

  • Bota Matcha 5 star rating

    You can taste the difference!

    “I’ve gone between a few brands while starting out on my matcha journey these last few months and this is by far the most wonderful I have tried.“

  • Bota Matcha 5 star rating

    Unbelievable Matcha!

    “Smoothest matcha I've had and I’ve tried over ten plus matcha brands.“

  • Bota Matcha 5 star rating

    Simply delicious

    “You can taste the difference in quality. Bota Matcha is the best.“

  • Bota Matcha 5 star rating

    I did not expect that!

    “I loved it! It had a very unexpected and unique savory flavor which I really loved. I think it’s my new go-to drink."

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Everything you need for your daily ritual

Bota Matcha Girl Sipping matcha cup

No bitterness, just the benefits.

With 100% organic Matcha, you get longer-lasting focus and energy without the jitters or crashes of coffee

Matcha from Bota Matcha is always fresh, which guarantees a great taste. Because Bota Matcha is shade grown, it has a higher level of L-theanine, giving it a distinct sweetness without bitterness.

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Bota Matcha was founded with a mission:

To offer exceptional organic matcha from a reputable and known source. We want to be fully transparent about where our matcha is harvested and how it was done. Our ceremonial matcha comes from the best tea region in the world : Uji, Kyoto, Japan.