"Our whole philosophy is one of transparency."

Bota Matcha Founders

It all started with a simple vision

About a year ago, high school friends Emilie and Megumi realized how hard it was to find high quality organic matcha in Canada. They quickly found out that between the few options available, few were totally transparent about their contents and origins.

Matcha lovers at heart, they spent a lot of time studying the industry. The results of their analysis, combined with their curiosity, passion, and burning desire to make a meaningful difference, made them realize it was time to challenge the status quo in an industry that is not always transparent about the quality, content and origin of their products.

Bota Matcha Family Picture

A no-compromise approach

Since the beginning, Bota Matcha strives to demonstrate that it is possible to reconcile great taste and organic farming practices. No compromise here: each and every green tea leaf organically grown, sustainably harvested and, most and foremost, delicious and fresh.

It takes time for a bright idea to emerge : ours took more than a year of research and dedication.

Here's our story...

  • Bota Matcha Emilie and Megumi in highschool


    Emilie and Megumi met in high school. Emilie was a day student and Megumi was a boarding student. She is kind, funny, sporty (like me) and enjoys the small things in life. They instantly hit it off and became best friends.

  • Bota Matcha Emilie and David in Vancouver


    It was for her higher education that Emilie ended up in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. During her stay in the big Canadian city, Emilie discovered what quality matcha was and fell in love with its unique and natural taste.

  • Bota Matcha Family Picture


    Back in Montral, Emilie quickly realized how hard it was to get her hands on a good, organic ceremonial matcha from a known and reputable source. That's when the idea of Bota Matcha started to take form in her mind.

  • Bota Matcha Megumi in a green tea field


    To help her in this incredible matcha journey, Emilie contacted her best friend Megumi who returned to Japan after her studies. Megumi and her dad helped deepen our understanding of japanese culture and established a strong relationship with a farm in Uji, Kyoto.