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harvested in Uji, KYOTO, japan

Organic Ceremonial Matcha

Organic Ceremonial Matcha

40g - makes 25 cups (approx. a month)

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Featuring a vivid bright green colour and a refreshing flavour, this is one of the highest grade matcha available. Every vein is carefully removed from the green tea leaves, which are then ground into a superfine matcha powder to create an impossibly creamy beverage. Clean energy that won't leave you feeling jittery or crashing.

What makes our matcha great :

  • 100% organic, JAS organic certified (Japanese Agricultural Standards)
  • No bitter taste, natural sweetness.
  • Always fresh, we use Japanese biodegradable UV light-protected packaging to guarantee every cup of Matcha. 
  • Only the highest quality organic leaves are used to create Bota Matcha's matcha.


    Sourced from the mythic tea-cultivating region of Uji in Japan’s Kyoto prefecture. Uji matcha is considered to be the best in the world. Our organic matcha is sourced from a JAS certified farm. It adhere to strictly-regulated growing processes, which extend to how the ingredients are handled, processed, stored & sold.

    Taste Profil

    There is a pleasant savory finish to our ceremonial matcha with notes of mellow grassy vegetal notes and natural sweetness. The unique flavor of matcha is called umami, and it makes drinking it absolutely irresistible.


    1- Add 2 grams of matcha powder to sift over a bowl.

    2- Add 75 ml of hot water (70-80°C)

    3- Whisk matcha in back and forth motion rapidy until smooth.

    4- Add 75 ml of hot water or cold with ice.

    5- Enjoy!

    Care Instructions

    Keep in the refrirefrigerator to retain freshness.

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    Bota Matcha farm established in 1751

    From farm to cup...

    Keeping our “Farm to cup” pledge means that we will never keep matcha past six months after it was made. Fresh, delicious, and packed with the most nutrious energy on earth.

    Matcha FAQ

    How can I tell if it’s high quality Matcha powder?

    High quality Matcha powder will have a vibrant green colour, while low quality Matcha has a dull yellowish colour. Any Matcha powder that you purchase from us is always guaranteed to be the highest quality Matcha powder you can get in the market.

    Does Matcha contain caffeine?

    Matcha generally contains one-third the amount of caffeine in coffee. For those who are looking for alternatives to coffee with less caffeine, try drinking matcha!

    How many cups of Matcha should I drink a day?

    It is recommended to drink not more than 3 cups a day.

    Can I use a spoon to mix?

    It is not recommend to use a spoon as matcha powder will not be mixed evenly. To ensure the matcha powder is completely mixed evenly in the liquid, please use the proper tea tools such as a bamboo whisk.